First Book


From the moment Tory’s eyes catch the cold steel of Steve’s in the smoky mirror of the bar, she experiences an unease she cannot shake. When he blocks her vehicle on a lonely stretch of farm road later that night, she is terrified but determined not to go down without a struggle. 

As the layers of this man with a history of violence are revealed Tory wonders if she’s bitten off more than she can chew. She came west to comfort an aging aunt, prepared to stay two months. She is not prepared for a life sentence.

A colorful thread of humor, honesty, and raw emotion is woven through this tale fraught with suspicion, murder and hope. 

Second Book


Thinking the pristine woodlands and peaceful river would give her the sanctuary she desperately needs, Hanna Davidson, a 56-year-old divorcée, flees from southern Ontario to a northern Canadian wilderness. She soon learns that the four-legged creatures lurking in the shadows of the forest are not the only predators to fear. There’s a terror outside trying to move inside — or is it just her imagination? 

When the wilderness closes in and her own sanity is in doubt, her nearest neighbor, the handsome Nelson Everett, is always there offering advice, comfort and sanctuary. After she disappears, her family looks suspiciously at him. Is she an accidental victim of the wilderness or has she been taken? 

Third Book


Jo Henderson’s idyllic life on a remote, family-operated resort is shattered one April day by a killer snow storm. A happy marriage spanning more than three decades hasn’t prepared her for the road ahead — one with seemingly impassable roadblocks painted with the names love, uncertainty, ecstasy and guilt

During the first season on her own, one misstep leads to another and tragedy follows. Where to turn? Her brain is telling her one thing, her heart is telling her another, and her gut instinct is saying “listen to me”. 

From the incredible beauty of Northwestern Ontario where the sunsets are beyond description to the cosmopolitan skyscrapers of Toronto and scuba diving off the Florida Keys, uncertainty follows. Try as she might, Jo can’t forget — but the real problem lies in remembering. 

Fourth Book


Edward Joseph Whittaker is dead. He’s lucky. A quick death in a car accident robbed his widow of the satisfaction of killing him slowly. 

After Helen Whittaker’s husband dumped her for a much younger woman then is killed in an automobile accident, she learns that her finances are as dead as he is. How can a 56-year-old bridge player compete in today’s competitive work force? Several failed interviews and one part-time job later, she starts her own head-hunting agency for seniors. With a little help from her friends, she has a successful career launched. Add an interesting man from her past, a train wreck, a greedy mistress, and a hitherto unknown little bundle of joy and life as Helen knows it is changed forever.

Fifth Book


When do dreams become reality … and reality become nightmares?

Forty-two-year-old Kathleen Kennedy is on the highway happily planning a future in the city of Ottawa with a new job and a baby on its way. A tragic accident cruelly puts an end to those dreams. After several life-threatening phone calls, followed by actual attempts on her life, she becomes plagued by frightening, senseless dreams. The surgeon who repaired her broken bones appears to have more than a professional interest in her … and her dreams. When life goes from bad to worse, a world she never would have thought existed — suddenly opens its doors and sucks her in. She must find her way back, but how, with no identity and no one to trust?

Sixth Book

Margaret, you need a man in your life they said. You have to get out more they said. You've got to add some excitement to your life they said. So she added Clarke Ingram to her life -  her very own superman as they called him - sight unseen. Then she abruptly disappeared.

So what should her friends do now? After all it was on their advice she sought changes to her simple, uncluttered life. Is Clarke Ingram really a dream catch as Margaret had described him or is he a controller preying on unsuspecting older women?

To Contact Me


Fire in the Foothills


I've enjoyed the book so much that I'm on my second reading - a thing I rarely do. I'm now looking forward to the next one.

Gill Foss - Ottawa
Author of Windows in Time


There is no doubt but that your book is one of the best I have read. Your people are real and several times I had tears in my eyes. 

​Joyce Fee – Peterborough   

The Wilderness


This romantic/suspense will make your heart beat a little faster and the pages turn a little quicker, you won't be able to put this book down.

 Mari-Lou Jorgenson,  Thunder Bay, Ontario

​I just finished reading your new book The Wilderness and could hardly put it down. Ended up finishing it at 3 a.m. Great characters and really exciting! Congratulations.
Joan Shouldice, Ottawa, Ontario

Tomorrow's Promise


I finished reading "Tomorrow's Promise" on my ride back from Florida.  I only wish it was I enjoyed it very much and look forward to meeting you and getting a signed copy. Looking forward to your next book.  

B. McLaughlin, G

Grimsby, ON / Naples, FL.

The Track

"A page turner that will keep you guessing over and over!"

Catina Noble Ottawa

Just read your new book, The Track. I thought it was terrific, please keep up the great work.

John I, Thunder Bay

Think I like The Track the best so far of all your books. I read from 9 to 12:30 last night and had to force myself to put it down and get some sleep.

Mary F, Ottawa

I much enjoyed The Track. I was sooo impressed with your knowledge of medicine and psychiatry and how you wove that into the story.

 Francois M, Ottawa